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Press releases are one of the best marketing tools for small firms out there...  

When and Why You Should Send a Law Firm Press Release 

Writing a law firm news release is a simple and effective way to communicate news or information about your practice to clients, potential clients, and local/industry groups. Releasing news and press releases about your firm can bring both visibility and branding benefits. It also increases your company's credibility and thought-leadership, which is essential for an effective digital marketing strategy. The digital environment of ideas is noisy. Press releases effectively cut through the noise. Learn how our services can help position your firm as an expert on the move. Book a quick call to see how the right distribution strategy can help your firm cut through the digital noise. 

Writing, Pitching, and Distributing a Press Release for a Law Firm

Digital media is everywhere and because of this, we are inundated with information. When faced with a legal issue, the one thing they all have in common? Trusted information on which firm to choose. That's why press releases are so effective. Distributing press releases that aren't necessarily breaking news but are nevertheless relevant provides authoritative content that can be trusted. That's why press releases are still so effective in today's noisy online environment. A regular press release distribution strategy can help gain exposure and educate prospective clients on your firm. Book a quick call to see how the right press release strategy can help cut through the digital noise. 

Why Have YourName Craft & Distribute

Your Firm's Press Releases?

Let YourName Press Release services create, manage, & distribute your entire press release strategy. We will help you craft a well-written and highly strategic press release that will be shared, endorsed, and promoted by journalists, bloggers, and other social media users.

Get more exposure with press releases

Press releases are the perfect way to get your company in the news, and they're one of the most effective ways to build a reputation. Get a well-written, properly formatted press release from YourName Press Releases.

Boost your marketing with Press Releases

Effective marketing starts with a well-written press release from your company or organization. YourName Press Releases will help you build your brand, generate leads and drive traffic to your business. 

Tell the world about your newest service

Let us help you get the word out about what's new in your business. We'll write a press release that will be sure to capture attention and share great news, good news or updates on any milestone achievement.

Let’s Advance Your Digital Strategy & Footprint to Win MORE Digital Market Share


We strategically balance market intelligence, customer insights, and digital experience enabling us to design and develop a press release strategy that works so that you can increase the return on your investment & finally make money from your marketing spend.

Market Analysis

In order to maximize the value of your market spend, we actively interpret the data we collect to extract meaningful conclusions and improve your press release strategy. 

We use an analytical method to study your firm, specializations, and services in order to get the whole picture, including competitors.

News Worthy Focused

Growth happens when you put the needs of your clients and give them the information they need when they want it. 

We help you reach your audience across multiple channels so that your expertise gets heard, distributed with ease, and picked up by others, shared, & talked about. This is how influence begins.

Distribution Metrics

When your firm leverages data and uses marketing analysis to its fullest potential, you get the most out of every dollar spent on marketing activities, and can focus on marketing that's effective .

We know what to ask to create a press release that will attract millions of visitors and be distributed on thousands of news-focused sites.

YourName Legal Press Releases Services


Newsrooms are downsizing or disappearing, and journalists' careers are changing. There is also an increase in the number of options for posting stories online, particularly on social media platforms. The type of material published — particularly in the digital age — has likewise evolved over time.

Ten years ago, your law firm's press release would have had almost no chance of being published. We're starting to see some improvements in this position as PR tools today, with news sites and aggregators like wire services on the web and non-journalism trained editors determining what to publish.

Previously, press releases were largely intended to provide journalists with information about their stories. However, press releases are now used to reach out to potential customers. Most of the time, your target audience will only read these news releases! That is why it is critical that you make them matter. Check out our blogs for more information on the power of press releases, especially for smaller law firms. 

Press Release Marketing Exclusively for Attorneys

If you have exciting news that justifies a press release, your chances are strong that it will become newsworthy and consumed by your prospective clients because it will deliver significant value! Press releases provide an opportunity to reach new audiences and serve as a great "equalizer", allowing smaller firms to compete with the large marketing budgets of much larger firms. Press releases are a great strategy to further promote your business. Consider the following data: 

  • Search engines are used by 92 percent of journalists to research articles, and 81 percent use them every day (MarketingSherpa)
  • Blog readers, RSS feed subscribers, and social media sites are all at all-time highs.
  • Journalists who use Google News outnumber those who use major networks like MSNBC and CNN!

Before releasing your next press release, ask yourself the question: "Is there any news value in this story?" or "Does it warrant a release?" If so, a press release is a great way to get your information distributed. Are you hiring new staff? upgrading technology? Moving or expanding? Attending or sponsoring events? These are all great reasons to put out a press release and let your prospective clients learn about your firm. 


We focus on designing actionable newsworthy press releases coupled with strategies informed by industry best practices emphasizing proven outcomes such as new customer acquisition, retention,

 customer engagement, and newsworthy authority. 

 We deliver results.

Establish credibility 

In order to build credibility over time with journalists as well as existing and potential customers, it's important to distribute engaging & accurate press releases consistently.

Control the Narrative

Press releases are a trusted source of data and information for both the media, as well as consumers. Most consumers say that brand trust is essential to their purchasing decisions.

increase engagement

In the world of marketing, a press release can be an incredible opportunity to catch the attention of current and future customers as well as reach people you never would have considered otherwise. 

Let’s Advance Your Newsworthy Content Strategy to Win More Digital Market Share

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of a press release?

Press releases are a great way to reach the media with your news and allow clients to control how they want their message understood. 

Most importantly, it's an effective marketing tool because, by sending out a press release, you're able to finally tell people about your new product or service in a controlled environment. 

What should I keep in mind before publishing my press release?

The first step is to identify what publications your customers read and which media they trust. Once you figure this out, start thinking about what kind of publications are related to those specific topics as well as who would cover this story at each publication. 

This will help set up an effective plan for tackling it from there on out! 

How can I make my press release catch people's attention?

A successful press release will have four aspects: 

  • The headline, and the initial hook - this is what captures the attention of a journalist. 
  • A good first paragraph should summarize the gist of the press release, and why it's important to journalists. 
  • The body will determine whether or not this is a strong story with enough quotes and supporting information.
  • Finally, including an image in your press release increases its chance of being used by one or more journalists.

Can I hire someone to write a press release on my behalf?

To increase the likelihood of success when using a press release, it often makes sense to involve someone who has some experience with this kind of writing. There are numerous websites that can help you find someone like this, but your problem is knowing how good they are and what their past work samples look like.

There's a challenge in finding freelance writers or marketing agencies that have a strong track record and whose past work looks stellar. You might not be familiar with every aspect of each person's skill set so make sure you research them thoroughly before hiring them for something important!

What kind of photo should I include with my press release?

High-resolution images are usually specified as 300 dpi. Hiring a professional photographer to get the best quality photo is worth considering if you have the budget for it.

Journalists are looking for pictures of relevant people or products, especially if they're interesting shots - so make sure your picture stands out in some way!

Give your image a suitable filename such as "Company Name" and then "Person's name." Otherwise, you might accidentally send them the wrong picture by mistake! 

Let’s Advance Your Newsworthy Content Strategy to Win More Digital Market Share